At last a hot day, so did a couple of sessions in the morning when it was cool and late afternoon tried to lie out in it, except I go red then white, so tried that for 10 minutes then went in the shade.  The only tan I will ever get is a fake one, I wish they would hurry up and create a tanning pill that would give me a real tan, they were talking about that on the news years ago, and it was meant to give very white people like me some protection against the sun, I get very jealous of people who come back from places like Spain lovely and tanned.


A financial slave called me yesterday, yawn, why do they bother when it’s on my list of dont’s maybe that makes me more of a challenge to them.  When you google or go on twitter there are acres of Findoms, moaning about how people have wasted their time, it most be a very frustrating business being into this, they just seem to spend all their time chatting to people on Twitter or email,who have no intention of paying up, or after having their time wasted when someone buys them a gift on Amazon and cancels it etc.  A fetish I will never be able to get my head around, and the ladies doing it must have a thicker skin than I do, and mine is very thick.


A little more dressing up that normal this week, what style do you like? I find there are 2, slutty woman’s wear, short and tight, or sissy, which is pink and frilly and totally over the top.  I saw someone last week who showed me pictures of him made up and dressed tarty, I was totally amazed.  His makeup was spot on (which he did himself), and I would have believed he was a woman if someone had shown me the pictures and had not told me, it’s amazing what you can achieve with good makeup and outfits.  Then Ms Heels came over and bought her new tits, she is a 38B, and looks stunning in her new bra, I couldn’t take my eyes off them, but a word of warning, if you buy the silicone filled boobs, be careful and don’t bang up against anything, someone did this once in a session a few years ago and they burst, I spent 2 hours scrubbing the silicone off my rubber mat with cilit bang and surgical spirit, my room smelt like a dentists office afterwards.


Someone remembered about my small cock humiliation session tax and paid it with 3 walnut whips, which symbolized his little friend, I ate each one and really enjoyed them, so a big thank you.








Well tomorrow someone, and he knows who he is, is going to pay, the male chauvinist pig is back.  Treating the girls in the office like a piece of meat, the he secretly dreams of spanking and caning their bums until they cant take it anymore, then making them beg for his cock in order for him to stop, can you believe it.  Well tomorrow Mr Pig you will report to me for 11 o’clock sharp, no being late, no excuses and carrying 2 bags of Malteasers.   I will be electrocuting your genitals, tying you up, bending you over, spanking and punishing your bum and the final insult, a dildo far too big for you up your ass, lets see how you like it, and what’s even worse, I will enjoy every minute.


I had someone else come earlier this week, who loves encounters with trannys, I thought he needed to know what it was like to take it up the ass so I did with my purple silicone dildo, which he took bent over in a bedroom, after a bit of over the knee spanking.  Some of the TS escorts look so stunning, they look better a lot of women, so I cant blame him for fancying them.


So, this week, I am around

Monday: 9-10 then around from 2pm for the rest of the day.

Tuesday-Thursday all day as normal

Friday: Free until 12, then free after 5.

Saturday: Free all day, evening appointments with people who have seen me before only.

Sunday: Free all day, but not in the evening.



A lovely last minute evening session tonight and I got to give my 12? bad boy a good workout (it’s not actually that big, but I like to call it that).

Another person did try to book me, lets call him Mr Woking, I was unsure as to whether it was the person who has messed me around in the past, but thought I would give him a chance as I had to go out this evening anyway at some point, so did my make-up ready to go out, and if he turned up, I would do the session then go.  Well he didn’t, but someone else called me at the last second and I did that session instead (thank you Sissy Angela)

I wonder what goes through Mr Woking’s head when he does it, as a Mistress of almost 9 years, you get used to people like him, its just part of the job and you don’t let it get to you, it happens to lots of people, which is why most salons and other services have really strict cancellation policies, and we are always hearing in the news about how many no-shows Doctors/Hospitals get which is even worse as our NHS is so short of money, so the handful of problems I get in a year pales in to comparison.

I think to some they like the psychological aspect of going through the motions of making a booking, and get a thrill from it without actually turning up, others do it as a lady may have refused to see them for some reason in the past, and they are “getting her back” so they buy another sim for their mobile phone, top it up with a tenner and get their revenge.  The funniest one was someone who wanted a booking in 2 hours time, calling from a Birmingham land line number, I asked him how he was going to get to me from there in 2 hours and he put the phone down.

Luckily the vast majority of people are lovely, and make doing this worth while, and enjoyable, so thank you.

Remember I am around tomorrow (Thursday 15th), but can only answer the phone before 8 or after 9.30am

Monday 12th: Free all day

Tuesday 13th: Free from 1.30pm. (To book a session on Tuesday, please call before 9 or after 1.30)

Wednesday: Free all day

Thursday 15th: Free from 10.30am. (To book a session on Thursday please call before 8.30 or after 10.30)

Friday 16th: Free all day

Saturday 17th: Free all day

Sunday 18th: Free all day



It has been a great few days so far, lots of electrics, spanking and teasing with more anal play, January is traditionally a quieter month, however that is not the case this year for me, so please call me in the morning to arrange a session if possible.


Working with others.

From time to time I have had people ask me if I will work with another lady, the best way to explain this is if you read the link here which explains the law.  I am not an escort offering sex, but I have been advised that under the law I am classed as a sex worker and so these laws apply to me also.  Working alone I am totally legal and have no problems as the link says, but if I work with another lady at my premises, I am breaking the law.  I realise that the vast majority of mistresses/escorts do this and get away with it, but personally it is a risk I don’t want to take, and when I ask anyone who comes to see me knowing these facts what would they do, would they risk it if they were me? 100% of them said they wouldn’t.

On the up side I feel lucky to live in a country where what I do is legal, and an amendment to the modern slavery bill which would have criminalised my clients failed late last year.



I am around as normal all of this week, so feel free to call.


Early Birds/How To Be Really Indiscreet/Polite Notice!

What’s worse than turning up late? being early.  I allow large gaps in between sessions, but don’t need the stress of  people doing this when they are parked up outside the property.

Someone waiting outside as they really early and I am not ready, don’t use the street as a waiting room.

Staring in at the house through their car window for ages.

Reading a book or magazine in their car to pass the time for half an hour (again, occasionally staring at the house)

Walking in early without checking it’s OK to do so

Having a leisurely lunch in the car, either in the road or my driveway.

Standing outside the car having a smoke while they pace up and down waiting for their session time to start looking shifty, again staring in at the house.

Blocking the driveway while they wait or waiting in the driveway 20 minutes before their session start time.

Announcing loudly from the drive way outside of their car that their here early and can they come in now “Mistress”

 Not exactly discreet is it?  and yes, people really have done all of the above, someone even carried their CP equipment in an open plastic bag with a cane poking out the top and walked in 30 minutes early once, without calling to check it was OK (they forgot apparently)

If you’ve done any of this his don’t worry, I forgive you :), but to anyone else, please don’t do it.  Even if I was based in the middle of no-where it would look bad, as someone waiting would stick out like a sore thumb to my next client.  Also how would you feel if you were walking out of my place, or any other mistresses place only to find her next client waiting outside seeing you.  As of yet, it has not ruined a session and no one has ran into each other, due to the fact that I allow generous gaps in between sessions, but for my sanity, if your running early, call me when your a few minutes away and let me know.  Thank You 🙂




I am getting lots of calls enquiring about this weekend, the best way to arrange is to call on the day as early in the day as you can, the most popular times to see me on a weekend or bank holiday are between 3-6pm.  Mornings are the most unpopular as I presume people want a lie in on their day off.  I am up at 6.30-7am every day, definitely a morning person, so early is no problem for me, I actually prefer it, as I am at my most energetic. I am around on Saturday until 10pm, unusually as I usually don’t work Saturday nights.


It has been a great month, lots of people coming from abroad to visit family then making a stop off to see me, as is normal in August.  I have a carrier bag full of Caramello Koalas from Australia (thank you :), and have just about finished the Finnish Geisha bars, my all time favourite, I did find a place I could buy them online but the shipping to the UK is expensive, I may just have to book a few days holiday in Finland again, Sauna myself to death and bring back a suitcase of goodies.  Eating this much chocolate I should be the size of a house, but thanks to the working out I do I manage to stay fit.


Height Play

I have always loved being tall, 5ft9 in my bare feet, although I expect when I am an old lady all the young girls will be 6ft at the rate people are getting taller these days.  I love height play, wearing 5 inch heels making me 6ft and looking down at my victim, towering over them.  As a teenager instead of the women’s magazines and fashion magazines all the other girls were reading I bought bodybuilding magazines, I loved looking at the oiled up Amazonian women and wished I could look like them, I had all the protein shakes, supplements, lifted heavy weights etc., but realised my build is more that of a runner than a bodybuilder.  I love that look though and really admire women with muscle as they look strong,healthy and dominant.



It’s August already, and it has been cooler than last month so comfortable to session in, one of my cross dressers was complaining about it being to hot to fit into his dresses and stockings and put of coming to see me until today because of it, and I know just how he feels! when it was really hot, even wearing underwear and stockings was hard work.  August is always a busy month for me, so please try and call as early as you can to arrange a session.


I have just had another fake profile appear on a well known fetish site reported to me today by a kind person, I don’t do any social networking as a pro-domme or in my personal life with friends and family under my regular name, I must be one of the only people in the UK not on Facebook, but if you do what I do it is best to give sites like Facebook a wide berth for very obvious reasons.  I am quite old fashioned in some ways, I only use email for online shopping, preferring the old fashioned way of calling someone on the phone and having a chat.

If you see any profiles on any sites, other than the mistress listing sites where I advertise, it wont be me.  I have had people contact me thinking that they are speaking to me online, have got to know me, and it is not me, just some man behind a computer pretending.  If anyone out there is taking to someone via one of these sites, or any dating site, always ask to video chat, everyone can afford a webcam these days, or at least insist on speaking to them on the phone to check you are talking to a woman.  Watching the MTV series “Catfish” is very eye opening, at the lengths people go to to pretend they are someone else,  although the internet has a lot of positive things, I do worry about some people who are easily fooled.


And thanks to those who asked about my migraine on Saturday, I am fully better, I think it was overdoing the weight training the day before, I have learnt my lesson and am taking the week off from it to let my muscles recover.





I am around for the rest of the weekend and next week all as normal.  Please call me as early as possible to arrange 🙂 phone on from 7am

I do everything at a pretty relaxed pace as people who see me will know.  I never rush anyone, (unless they have turned up horrendously late), everyone is welcome to shower before/after a session, I don’t tell them to rush it, I don’t have the next client waiting outside sessioning with no gaps in between or trying to fit lots of people in on one day one after the other, I just couldn’t do a decent session working that way and it would just be too stressful on everyone.  Unfortunately, I have had to tell several people over the last year I can no longer see them anymore due to chronic lateness on several occasions, it is disrespectful on me, and others who have booked me.  I would never move or cancel someone else’s session to accommodate another person’s lateness, no matter how regularly they see me.  I have had people ask me to do this, telling me other ladies will do it for them (which I very much doubt).


A note on latex, I cannot wear latex/pvc when the weather is really hot.  If I get overheated and uncomfortable I can’t do a session properly as all I will be thinking about is how hot I am.  Someone this week booked me asking me to wear it, which I refused, and told him to book me on a cooler day, I am sure there are lots of other ladies who can manage it, but I sadly can’t.

When the weather is cold, it would be tempting to get a latex catsuit made, I say made as when you have long arms and legs, you can’t buy one off the shelf, I would be looking around the £600 mark, which is a little of putting for something I would rarely wear, but it would look amazing, especially with 5 inch heels, I would be a giantess.

And before I forget, my nurse/therapist outfit arrived yesterday, and it Is stunning and classy, so hopefully will have requests for it soon.

A reminder that I am not available from the 19th-26th of this month as I will have workmen in on various days, and have been pre-booked for 2 days in that week.  I don’t want to be sessioning with various tradesmen working around the property for obvious reasons.  If I do have a free few hours one day though I will post on here, but looking at taking the week off so far and putting my feet up in the garden, let’s hope the weather holds out.