Monday 12th: Free all day

Tuesday 13th: Free from 1.30pm. (To book a session on Tuesday, please call before 9 or after 1.30)

Wednesday: Free all day

Thursday 15th: Free from 10.30am. (To book a session on Thursday please call before 8.30 or after 10.30)

Friday 16th: Free all day

Saturday 17th: Free all day

Sunday 18th: Free all day



I am around all this week as normal, phone on from 7am.

A particularly fun session yesterday, with electrics.  I tried my victim down, put his metal butt plug up his ass, and cock in a silicon chastity cage, incredibly frustrating especially if you have not cum in a couple of days.  Then turned the mode on my E-stim to Microphone.  We found with a  bit of experimentation that opening and closing the door was agony, also talking to him painful as well, also playing cheesy tracks like “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” to see how that worked when played next to the microphone, “Dancing Queen” seemed to hurt the most though, sending painful pulses to the butt plug in time with the song.  The most popular pre-programmed mode on the device seems to be Waterfall, which sounds lovely doesn’t it, almost peaceful and relaxing.





It’s August already, and it has been cooler than last month so comfortable to session in, one of my cross dressers was complaining about it being to hot to fit into his dresses and stockings and put of coming to see me until today because of it, and I know just how he feels! when it was really hot, even wearing underwear and stockings was hard work.  August is always a busy month for me, so please try and call as early as you can to arrange a session.


I have just had another fake profile appear on a well known fetish site reported to me today by a kind person, I don’t do any social networking as a pro-domme or in my personal life with friends and family under my regular name, I must be one of the only people in the UK not on Facebook, but if you do what I do it is best to give sites like Facebook a wide berth for very obvious reasons.  I am quite old fashioned in some ways, I only use email for online shopping, preferring the old fashioned way of calling someone on the phone and having a chat.

If you see any profiles on any sites, other than the mistress listing sites where I advertise, it wont be me.  I have had people contact me thinking that they are speaking to me online, have got to know me, and it is not me, just some man behind a computer pretending.  If anyone out there is taking to someone via one of these sites, or any dating site, always ask to video chat, everyone can afford a webcam these days, or at least insist on speaking to them on the phone to check you are talking to a woman.  Watching the MTV series “Catfish” is very eye opening, at the lengths people go to to pretend they are someone else,  although the internet has a lot of positive things, I do worry about some people who are easily fooled.


And thanks to those who asked about my migraine on Saturday, I am fully better, I think it was overdoing the weight training the day before, I have learnt my lesson and am taking the week off from it to let my muscles recover.





I am around all this week as normal so far.  Please call as early in the day as you can to get the time you want.


Chastity Devices

I did have someone bring a fantastic silicone chastity device with him this week, these look much better than the plastic and metal ones I have seen before as silicone is not rigid, easier to hide under clothing and much more comfortable to wear.  Also in an emergency you could cut it off, something very hard to do with plastic or metal!  It’s called the BON4 if anyone wants to Google it and buy one.











I am around all this coming week as normal, so feel free to call me from 7am to arrange a session.

I have a portable air-conditioning unit I can use in sessions which cools the room down, but it can be noisy, so not suitable for all the sessions I do, but if you want me to use it, let me know on the phone before you get here and I will set it up.  I can switch it on and off as needed.  I also have a power shower as I have mentioned before which can be turned from hot to cold very quickly, so a nice way to cool down before or after a session.  My ban on me wearing latex and pvc still stands though until the weather cools down, until then I will be in black holdups and lovely underwear.


A Note On Withheld Numbers

My phone is set to automatically block withheld numbers as most people calling from them (99%) are making crank calls, if you are trying to call to book a session you must call from a number that shows. If you cant get through to me on the phone, this will be the reason why.



A note on latex, I cannot wear latex/pvc when the weather is really hot.  If I get overheated and uncomfortable I can’t do a session properly as all I will be thinking about is how hot I am.  Someone this week booked me asking me to wear it, which I refused, and told him to book me on a cooler day, I am sure there are lots of other ladies who can manage it, but I sadly can’t.

When the weather is cold, it would be tempting to get a latex catsuit made, I say made as when you have long arms and legs, you can’t buy one off the shelf, I would be looking around the £600 mark, which is a little of putting for something I would rarely wear, but it would look amazing, especially with 5 inch heels, I would be a giantess.

And before I forget, my nurse/therapist outfit arrived yesterday, and it Is stunning and classy, so hopefully will have requests for it soon.

A reminder that I am not available from the 19th-26th of this month as I will have workmen in on various days, and have been pre-booked for 2 days in that week.  I don’t want to be sessioning with various tradesmen working around the property for obvious reasons.  If I do have a free few hours one day though I will post on here, but looking at taking the week off so far and putting my feet up in the garden, let’s hope the weather holds out.




My availability for the rest of the month is as normal.  If you would like an appointment on Saturday, please try and call as early in the day as you can, thanks.


I have just been experimenting with the E-Stim 2B, I had electrodes placed on my leg, I know not fair when I place them on my victims cock and balls which is a more sensitive place.  It was amazing, so many different modes, I was jumping around trying to keep still when I was trying it which was impossible, I think when I use this on a victim, he will have to be strapped tightly down.  The electrowhisker, which is like a fine metal brush to stroke the skin was amazing too, the rubber loops to attach to the cock,  I have not been able to try for obvious reasons.  Really excited to try this out on someone to the first time, it really is an amazing piece of equipment.