Well tomorrow someone, and he knows who he is, is going to pay, the male chauvinist pig is back.  Treating the girls in the office like a piece of meat, the he secretly dreams of spanking and caning their bums until they cant take it anymore, then making them beg for his cock in order for him to stop, can you believe it.  Well tomorrow Mr Pig you will report to me for 11 o’clock sharp, no being late, no excuses and carrying 2 bags of Malteasers.   I will be electrocuting your genitals, tying you up, bending you over, spanking and punishing your bum and the final insult, a dildo far too big for you up your ass, lets see how you like it, and what’s even worse, I will enjoy every minute.


I had someone else come earlier this week, who loves encounters with trannys, I thought he needed to know what it was like to take it up the ass so I did with my purple silicone dildo, which he took bent over in a bedroom, after a bit of over the knee spanking.  Some of the TS escorts look so stunning, they look better a lot of women, so I cant blame him for fancying them.


So, this week, I am around

Monday: 9-10 then around from 2pm for the rest of the day.

Tuesday-Thursday all day as normal

Friday: Free until 12, then free after 5.

Saturday: Free all day, evening appointments with people who have seen me before only.

Sunday: Free all day, but not in the evening.