I am getting lots of calls enquiring about this weekend, the best way to arrange is to call on the day as early in the day as you can, the most popular times to see me on a weekend or bank holiday are between 3-6pm.  Mornings are the most unpopular as I presume people want a lie in on their day off.  I am up at 6.30-7am every day, definitely a morning person, so early is no problem for me, I actually prefer it, as I am at my most energetic. I am around on Saturday until 10pm, unusually as I usually don’t work Saturday nights.


It has been a great month, lots of people coming from abroad to visit family then making a stop off to see me, as is normal in August.  I have a carrier bag full of Caramello Koalas from Australia (thank you :), and have just about finished the Finnish Geisha bars, my all time favourite, I did find a place I could buy them online but the shipping to the UK is expensive, I may just have to book a few days holiday in Finland again, Sauna myself to death and bring back a suitcase of goodies.  Eating this much chocolate I should be the size of a house, but thanks to the working out I do I manage to stay fit.


Height Play

I have always loved being tall, 5ft9 in my bare feet, although I expect when I am an old lady all the young girls will be 6ft at the rate people are getting taller these days.  I love height play, wearing 5 inch heels making me 6ft and looking down at my victim, towering over them.  As a teenager instead of the women’s magazines and fashion magazines all the other girls were reading I bought bodybuilding magazines, I loved looking at the oiled up Amazonian women and wished I could look like them, I had all the protein shakes, supplements, lifted heavy weights etc., but realised my build is more that of a runner than a bodybuilder.  I love that look though and really admire women with muscle as they look strong,healthy and dominant.