A lovely last minute evening session tonight and I got to give my 12? bad boy a good workout (it’s not actually that big, but I like to call it that).

Another person did try to book me, lets call him Mr Woking, I was unsure as to whether it was the person who has messed me around in the past, but thought I would give him a chance as I had to go out this evening anyway at some point, so did my make-up ready to go out, and if he turned up, I would do the session then go.  Well he didn’t, but someone else called me at the last second and I did that session instead (thank you Sissy Angela)

I wonder what goes through Mr Woking’s head when he does it, as a Mistress of almost 9 years, you get used to people like him, its just part of the job and you don’t let it get to you, it happens to lots of people, which is why most salons and other services have really strict cancellation policies, and we are always hearing in the news about how many no-shows Doctors/Hospitals get which is even worse as our NHS is so short of money, so the handful of problems I get in a year pales in to comparison.

I think to some they like the psychological aspect of going through the motions of making a booking, and get a thrill from it without actually turning up, others do it as a lady may have refused to see them for some reason in the past, and they are “getting her back” so they buy another sim for their mobile phone, top it up with a tenner and get their revenge.  The funniest one was someone who wanted a booking in 2 hours time, calling from a Birmingham land line number, I asked him how he was going to get to me from there in 2 hours and he put the phone down.

Luckily the vast majority of people are lovely, and make doing this worth while, and enjoyable, so thank you.

Remember I am around tomorrow (Thursday 15th), but can only answer the phone before 8 or after 9.30am