Availability 1st-5th November


Wednesday 1st Nov – Some availability in the afternoon, call me for details

Thursday 2nd – Free all day

Friday 3rd – Free all day

Saturday 4th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 5th – Free all day

As always as I arrange 99% of appointments on the day my availability is good, my phone is on from 7am to arrange an appointment.



A great week, in fact a great month, so many fantastic sessions.  I have had such a great time.  My new pictures are ready, and will be going up on the site soon, another below. I will be around for the whole of November so far, and will put my availability up this weekend.



I had some new pictures done, I will get them up on the website soon when I get them all from the photographer, here is a little preview.


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Availability for the rest of October


Monday 23rd – Free all day

Tuesday 24th – Free all day

Wednesday 25th – Free all day

Thursday 26th – Free all day

Friday 27th – Free all day

Saturday 28th – Free unti 6pm

Sunday 29th – Free all day

As always my availability is good as 99% of people call me on the day.  Please call early to get the time you want.



My availability for the week ahead.

Monday 16th – Free all day

Tuesday 17th – Free all day

Wednesday 18th – Free all day

Thursday 19th – Free all day

Friday 20th – Free all day

Saturday 21st – Free all day

Sunday 22nd – Free all day

As always, my availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day



Lots of amusing cruel sessions last week. Lots of deep heat, light slaps to the cock and balls as well as electrics, and probably the last nettle torture session of the year, they do seem to have lost their sting now though, definately not as powerfull as the spring ones.


A long tease session where we agreed he would have to last 2 hours, and only be allowed to cum in the last 10 minutes of the session, no matter how hard he begged and pleaded with me, which he started to do after the first hour, although it was pure torture for him, he got a happy ending at the last minute.  I have done longer than this in the past but for most people 2 hours is all they can handle.


I will be doing some more pictures for the website this Friday, cant wait to see how they turn out, and will put them up on the site soon after.


Here is my availability for the week.

Monday 9th – Free all day

Tuesday 10th – Free all day

Wednesday 11th – Free all day

Thursday 12th – Free all day

Friday 13th – Free after 4pm

Saturady 14th – Free all day

Sunday 15th – Free all day

As always my availability is good as 99% of people call me on the day. 

I have had a lot of calls from people this week wanting to advance book without a deposit, and when quizzed as to whether they can definately make it on the time and date they are arranging confess that they dont want to pay a deposit as they are not 100% sure if they can make it and dont want to loose the deposit! huh? I dont really need to say anymore on that do I.


Phone Signal

This seems to now be solved, and really affected me on the last 2 days of September, and the early morning of the 6th October.  I am still keeping my second number on the site so if the error happens again people can still get hold of me.




So it started with a very funny, for me anyway, conversation with someone who ended up in A&E as he couldn’t get out of his chastity device, his one has a solid metal ring, and he got stuck.  Top Tip! Always buy one with a hinged ring, as that way you cant get stuck in it.  Anyway, surrounded by Dr’s and nurses who sounded bemused by the whole thing they managed to get it off with a lot of lubrication, it took quite a while and he was panicking about the fire brigade being called out to cut him out of it.  I then googled and found this hilarious and extreamly embarassing article in the Daily Mirror where someone found himself in the same situation, with far more embarassing results.


Thank god it just took lots of lube and they didnt have to go to the lengths that the poor guy in the story went through, the video makes it even more embarassing for the poor guy.


Then I got a call from someone with a cock he calls large, but its the size of a button, last time I saw him he wrapped it in a pink ribbon with a butterfly thong, he even wrote me a note to say it belonged to me, as if i would want a little button cock like that, I will see him again later this month and continue to call him “Sissy Button Cock”.


Lots of lady boss senarios this week, where I play my favorite role of the bitch boss from hell, who delights in humiliating her male members of staff, who always seem to get an erection when I do it, must be nerves.



Apologies to anyone who tried calling me from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon.  My phone had lost signal, and I only found out today when I drove out of the area, and it went mad with lots of missed call alerts.


I have no idea why this happened, when I got home it started to work again, so don’t know if it was a temporary glitch with a mast, or some how driving to another area with another mast did something and switched everything back on.  I had a very very busy week until Thursday, and thought it was odd I didn’t get any calls on Friday, but as I had been so busy it was nice to have the day off.  Saturdays are the quietest day of my working week so it didn’t register with me today that something was wrong, i think I must still be in Holiday mode, as normally I would have called my phone to check all was working.


So sorry again to all those who could not get in contact, this is my other number 07474 945632 which I will be answering for the next few days, just in case this happens again.