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Early Birds/How To Be Really Indiscreet/Polite Notice!

What’s worse than turning up late? being early.  I allow large gaps in between sessions, but don’t need the stress of  people doing this when they are parked up outside the property.

Someone waiting outside as they really early and I am not ready, don’t use the street as a waiting room.

Staring in at the house through their car window for ages.

Reading a book or magazine in their car to pass the time for half an hour (again, occasionally staring at the house)

Walking in early without checking it’s OK to do so

Having a leisurely lunch in the car, either in the road or my driveway.

Standing outside the car having a smoke while they pace up and down waiting for their session time to start looking shifty, again staring in at the house.

Blocking the driveway while they wait or waiting in the driveway 20 minutes before their session start time.

Announcing loudly from the drive way outside of their car that their here early and can they come in now “Mistress”

 Not exactly discreet is it?  and yes, people really have done all of the above, someone even carried their CP equipment in an open plastic bag with a cane poking out the top and walked in 30 minutes early once, without calling to check it was OK (they forgot apparently)

If you’ve done any of this his don’t worry, I forgive you :), but to anyone else, please don’t do it.  Even if I was based in the middle of no-where it would look bad, as someone waiting would stick out like a sore thumb to my next client.  Also how would you feel if you were walking out of my place, or any other mistresses place only to find her next client waiting outside seeing you.  As of yet, it has not ruined a session and no one has ran into each other, due to the fact that I allow generous gaps in between sessions, but for my sanity, if your running early, call me when your a few minutes away and let me know.  Thank You 🙂