Monday 12th: Free all day

Tuesday 13th: Free from 1.30pm. (To book a session on Tuesday, please call before 9 or after 1.30)

Wednesday: Free all day

Thursday 15th: Free from 10.30am. (To book a session on Thursday please call before 8.30 or after 10.30)

Friday 16th: Free all day

Saturday 17th: Free all day

Sunday 18th: Free all day

I had another great week this week. I broke in some strap on virgins, saw someone who bought some fantastic clothes with him for a session and looked amazing, complete with tits, it’s rare anyone has the knack to put an outfit together so well, I couldn’t stop touching the nipples.

Would you believe that come December, I will have been doing this for 9 years non stop and has been up, in several different looks/designs for all of that time.  I will have to buy a 9th birthday cake in, I am not into baking my own, I think other people do it so much better, like Patisserie Valerie.

A couple of years ago someone asked me how long I had been doing this, and I had to look at when I registered my domain name to find out as I had lost track of time,  so now when my anniversary comes up it makes me think how much I have done over the years.  I tend to specialise in a few areas, strap on, corporal punishment, role plays, electrics and CBT, as well as humiliation and every thing else on my list see ( they are all activities I really like doing and know I can do well.  I love the interaction in role play, especially when the person seeing me is a good actor too (or trying their best to be), I love the thought of being in a real office, bending someone over their desk, getting a strap on out of a draw and fucking them with it.  Confronting an employee as head of HR and disciplining them for leering at the ladies, which is great fun.

Anyway it’s Saturday, I have just finished doing my twice weekly weight training, which gives me the necessary strength to discipline you all properly, so I am going to watch Netflix and relax with a protein bar followed by Toblerone, I cant be good all the time!