I am around for the rest of the weekend and next week all as normal.  Please call me as early as possible to arrange 🙂 phone on from 7am

I do everything at a pretty relaxed pace as people who see me will know.  I never rush anyone, (unless they have turned up horrendously late), everyone is welcome to shower before/after a session, I don’t tell them to rush it, I don’t have the next client waiting outside sessioning with no gaps in between or trying to fit lots of people in on one day one after the other, I just couldn’t do a decent session working that way and it would just be too stressful on everyone.  Unfortunately, I have had to tell several people over the last year I can no longer see them anymore due to chronic lateness on several occasions, it is disrespectful on me, and others who have booked me.  I would never move or cancel someone else’s session to accommodate another person’s lateness, no matter how regularly they see me.  I have had people ask me to do this, telling me other ladies will do it for them (which I very much doubt).