It has been a great few days so far, lots of electrics, spanking and teasing with more anal play, January is traditionally a quieter month, however that is not the case this year for me, so please call me in the morning to arrange a session if possible.


Working with others.

From time to time I have had people ask me if I will work with another lady, the best way to explain this is if you read the link here which explains the law.  I am not an escort offering sex, but I have been advised that under the law I am classed as a sex worker and so these laws apply to me also.  Working alone I am totally legal and have no problems as the link says, but if I work with another lady at my premises, I am breaking the law.  I realise that the vast majority of mistresses/escorts do this and get away with it, but personally it is a risk I don’t want to take, and when I ask anyone who comes to see me knowing these facts what would they do, would they risk it if they were me? 100% of them said they wouldn’t.

On the up side I feel lucky to live in a country where what I do is legal, and an amendment to the modern slavery bill which would have criminalised my clients failed late last year.