It’s August already, and it has been cooler than last month so comfortable to session in, one of my cross dressers was complaining about it being to hot to fit into his dresses and stockings and put of coming to see me until today because of it, and I know just how he feels! when it was really hot, even wearing underwear and stockings was hard work.  August is always a busy month for me, so please try and call as early as you can to arrange a session.


I have just had another fake profile appear on a well known fetish site reported to me today by a kind person, I don’t do any social networking as a pro-domme or in my personal life with friends and family under my regular name, I must be one of the only people in the UK not on Facebook, but if you do what I do it is best to give sites like Facebook a wide berth for very obvious reasons.  I am quite old fashioned in some ways, I only use email for online shopping, preferring the old fashioned way of calling someone on the phone and having a chat.

If you see any profiles on any sites, other than the mistress listing sites where I advertise, it wont be me.  I have had people contact me thinking that they are speaking to me online, have got to know me, and it is not me, just some man behind a computer pretending.  If anyone out there is taking to someone via one of these sites, or any dating site, always ask to video chat, everyone can afford a webcam these days, or at least insist on speaking to them on the phone to check you are talking to a woman.  Watching the MTV series “Catfish” is very eye opening, at the lengths people go to to pretend they are someone else,  although the internet has a lot of positive things, I do worry about some people who are easily fooled.


And thanks to those who asked about my migraine on Saturday, I am fully better, I think it was overdoing the weight training the day before, I have learnt my lesson and am taking the week off from it to let my muscles recover.