Slutty Samantha came over today, and was dealt with using an inflatable dildo and a larger than normal (for her anyway) strap on.  I pumped up the inflatable up in front of her before I put it in so she could see how big it gets, it was a good way to pre-stretch her tight little ass for my big red dildo.  She did look very classy today though, no tarty knickers, these were so classy I would wear them myself.

A note on latex, I cannot wear latex/pvc when the weather is really hot.  If I get overheated and uncomfortable I cant do a session properly as all I will be thinking about is how hot I am.  Someone this week booked me asking me to wear it, which I refused, and told him to book me on a cooler day, I am sure there are lots of other ladies who can manage it, but I sadly cant.

When the weather is cold, it would be tempting to get a latex catsuit made, I say made as when you have long arms and legs, you cant buy one off the shelf, I would be looking around the £600 mark, which is a little of putting for something I would rarely wear, but it would look amazing, especially with 5 inch heels, I would be a giantess.

And before I forget, my nurse/therapist outfit arrived yesterday, and it Is stunning and classy, no sex shop rubbish, so hopefully will have requests for it soon.

A reminder that I am not available from the 19th-26th of this month as I will have workmen in on various days, and have been pre-booked for 2 days in that week.  I don’t want to be sessioning with various tradesmen working around the property for obvious reasons.  If I do have a free few hours one day though I will post on here, but looking at taking the week off so far and putting my feet up in the garden, lets hope the weather holds out.