Hants MistressHampshire / Surrey Mistress Rose


BOOKING NUMBER: 07590 468440. Due to an intermittent problem with my phone signal, if you are unable to get through on my main number, please call this one. 07474 945632.

I am a bit old fashioned in that I prefer all contact over the phone,  as I like to hear your voice, have a chat about our session and get to know you a bit, I find this much more personal than email.  I am friendly and approachable and this will come over when you call me, so don’t be shy.

Please don’t text me, call me from a withheld number, landline or phone box.


My Working Hours

I am available most days and I update my blog once a week with my daily availability, to make it easier for you to plan and book a session with me.

My working hours are 9am-6pm, I occasionally do evening sessions after this time with regular clients I know well, but as most people book me during the working day, by 6pm I am normally fully booked.

Regular clients who want a later appointment between 6-8 are advised to call early to secure the time you want, the latest I work to is 8pm with people I know well.



On The Day:

100% of my appointments are done this way.  My phone is on from 7am every morning, 7 days a week.

I am a busy and established Mistress doing a limited amount of sessions in a day, not working back to back/conveyor belt style, so I get booked up quickly.

For 9-10am bookings please call me as close to 7am as possible as I have to travel to the venue I use to session in and need plenty of time to get there, if you call earlier in the day you are more likely to get the time you want.

The busiest times of my day are between 11am-3pm.  Letting me know with plenty of notice is really appreciated.

I do not require a deposit to book a session.



In advance:

I have permanently stopped all advance bookings. Even for those who pay in advance in full, as too many want to switch the money over to another date, usually at the last minute, leaving me with nothing to do for the day and lots of sessions turned away I could otherwise have done, not to mention the arguments over a fair solution for both of us. Can I ever see myself going back on this? Honestly no, especially post Covid, people are too unreliable, and have no respect of my time or money.


Last Minute:

Although I do this, and you are welcome to try, please try not to do this if you can help it as it can be really annoying for both of us, I am very busy and do find myself turning people away as they call too late in the day and I am already booked.  Please call as early as possible to arrange and you are more likely to get the time you want.


Booking Terms:

Your time and mine is valuable, I always run my sessions on time, so please give me the same respect you would with any other professional.  If you are someone who is habitually late, or books appointments without knowing that you can definitely make it I am not the mistress for you.

Please make sure that you are on time for your appointment and have allowed plenty of time to get to me, I understand on rare occasions things do go wrong, so if you have run into traffic or any other issues, let me know with plenty of notice, I will then tell you if I can still accommodate you.  I can’t always extend the session if you are late, or reduce my rate due to this.

If I don’t hear from you by 5 minutes after the session start time, I will consider the appointment to be a no-show, you must let me know if you are running late before you appointment is due to start.

If a session finishes early, I cannot roll the time over for you to use on another occasion, or refund you part of the session fee. I will have turned others away that I could have seen in your place.
I don’t charge you extra if we over run by a few minutes, or you have a shower after the session has finished.

Please do not put money in my bank account in advance to try and force me into taking an advance booking. 100% of people who have done this have then cancelled and changed the date. Money transferred like this will immediately be refunded, less the banking fees.



My preferred method of payment is bank transfer (must be made at least 30 minutes before the session start time), if you cannot do this I am still happy to take cash.


A Note On Session Etiquette

A bit of common sense really!

Don’t turn up early without letting me know in advance, sitting in your car outside my property, in my drive or anywhere in my road when you have arrived too early for your session is not discreet.  If running early, give me a call to see if I can see you early, and if I cant, only arrive in my street at your session time.  I will cancel sessions if this rule is broken, as it shows a total lack of respect, and discretion.

Book me on the off chance you can get out of a work meeting early without knowing for sure if you can really make it.

If you use a sat nav make sure it has enough charge to get you to me, if you use maps make sure you can actually read them and if you are useless at maps admit defeat and invest in a good sat nav, I am useless at giving directions so I will be no help.

If you need to cancel, let me know.

Don’t call me outside of your car to announce to everyone passing by that your here or greet me with Mistress Rose at the door. Although the locations I work from are all discreet and in quiet locations, it really annoys me when people do this.

Do not arrive wearing makeup, women’s wigs, fetish wear or carrying visible fetish kit, you will be turned away if you do so and will not be welcome back.