At last a hot day, so did a couple of sessions in the morning when it was cool and late afternoon tried to lie out in it, except I go red then white, so tried that for 10 minutes then went in the shade.  The only tan I will ever get is a fake one, I wish they would hurry up and create a tanning pill that would give me a real tan, they were talking about that on the news years ago, and it was meant to give very white people like me some protection against the sun, I get very jealous of people who come back from places like Spain lovely and tanned.


A financial slave called me yesterday, yawn, why do they bother when it’s on my list of dont’s maybe that makes me more of a challenge to them.  When you google or go on twitter there are acres of Findoms, moaning about how people have wasted their time, it most be a very frustrating business being into this, they just seem to spend all their time chatting to people on Twitter or email,who have no intention of paying up, or after having their time wasted when someone buys them a gift on Amazon and cancels it etc.  A fetish I will never be able to get my head around, and the ladies doing it must have a thicker skin than I do, and mine is very thick.


A little more dressing up that normal this week, what style do you like? I find there are 2, slutty woman’s wear, short and tight, or sissy, which is pink and frilly and totally over the top.  I saw someone last week who showed me pictures of him made up and dressed tarty, I was totally amazed.  His makeup was spot on (which he did himself), and I would have believed he was a woman if someone had shown me the pictures and had not told me, it’s amazing what you can achieve with good makeup and outfits.  Then Ms Heels came over and bought her new tits, she is a 38B, and looks stunning in her new bra, I couldn’t take my eyes off them, but a word of warning, if you buy the silicone filled boobs, be careful and don’t bang up against anything, someone did this once in a session a few years ago and they burst, I spent 2 hours scrubbing the silicone off my rubber mat with cilit bang and surgical spirit, my room smelt like a dentists office afterwards.


Someone remembered about my small cock humiliation session tax and paid it with 3 walnut whips, which symbolized his little friend, I ate each one and really enjoyed them, so a big thank you.