I am around all this coming week as normal, so feel free to call me from 7am to arrange a session.

I have a portable air-conditioning unit I can use in sessions which cools the room down, but it can be noisy, so not suitable for all the sessions I do, but if you want me to use it, let me know on the phone before you get here and I will set it up.  I can switch it on and off as needed.  I also have a power shower as I have mentioned before which can be turned from hot to cold very quickly, so a nice way to cool down before or after a session.  My ban on me wearing latex and pvc still stands though until the weather cools down, until then I will be in black holdups and lovely underwear.


A Note On Withheld Numbers

My phone is set to automatically block withheld numbers as most people calling from them (99%) are making crank calls, if you are trying to call to book a session you must call from a number that shows. If you cant get through to me on the phone, this will be the reason why.