Lots of amusing cruel sessions last week. Lots of deep heat, light slaps to the cock and balls as well as electrics, and probably the last nettle torture session of the year, they do seem to have lost their sting now though, definately not as powerfull as the spring ones.


A long tease session where we agreed he would have to last 2 hours, and only be allowed to cum in the last 10 minutes of the session, no matter how hard he begged and pleaded with me, which he started to do after the first hour, although it was pure torture for him, he got a happy ending at the last minute.  I have done longer than this in the past but for most people 2 hours is all they can handle.


I will be doing some more pictures for the website this Friday, cant wait to see how they turn out, and will put them up on the site soon after.