A great week, in fact a great month, so many fantastic sessions.  I have had such a great time.  My new pictures are ready, and will be going up on the site soon, another below. I will be around for the whole of November so far, and will put my availability up this weekend.


I had someone visit me a couple of days ago who is desperate to have his cock sucked by another man, well when I say man, someone dressed up as a rather tarty tranny, with lovely glossy red lips.  I teased him about it all session, while I trampled on him and he worshipped my lovely thigh length boots which make me impossibly tall.  In my fantasy scenario, I imagine blindfolding someone, then they hear someone walk into the room with me, the next thing they know lips are wrapped around their cock sucking it, and they have no idea who is doing it, a man or woman.  Then of course the blindfold comes off and they get a shock, but turned on at the same time.


Plenty of spanking and strap on as usual, as well as tease sessions, dice games to see whether someone cums, has their orgasm ruined, post orgasmic torture or has to eat it.  I am so nice.