My availability for the week ahead.

Monday 16th – Free all day

Tuesday 17th – Free all day

Wednesday 18th – Free all day

Thursday 19th – Free all day

Friday 20th – Free all day

Saturday 21st – Free all day

Sunday 22nd – Free all day

As always, my availaibility looks good as 99% of people book me on the day



People have been asking me if I am looking at doing any filming in the future.  The easiest way to answer this is with a question “When did you last pay for porn?”.  There you have my answer!

Very few people pay for porn, when ever anyone visits me and talks about any video they have seen in 99.9% of cases they have viewed it on a free porn tube.  Why on earth would you pay for porn, when people are giving it away, lots of sites are even uploading old content as adverts for their sites, so not all of it is ripped off.  Ladies who film content routinely have their content stolen and uploaded to a free tube and it is impossible to get it taken down from every free site online.  I think the only people making money are the handful of established sites who have been going for years and years, and even then they will be making far less than they did 10 years ago.  With the upcoming age verification laws next year, it will only get worse.


This week

I had a great week, also shot some new photos at a fantastic location  with a great photographer, so I will be posting them up soon.  A dice spanking game where I punished someone with 6 different instruments of pain, then rolled again to see how many strokes, and another roll to multiply it.   One to six strokes with anything is far too little so I had to improvise. A cross dressing tranny makeover finishing with strap on, and a severe deep heat and cock pain session, as well as many others.  So a normal fun week.