So it started with a very funny, for me anyway, conversation with someone who ended up in A&E as he couldn’t get out of his chastity device, his one has a solid metal ring, and he got stuck.  Top Tip! Always buy one with a hinged ring, as that way you cant get stuck in it.  Anyway, surrounded by Dr’s and nurses who sounded bemused by the whole thing they managed to get it off with a lot of lubrication, it took quite a while and he was panicking about the fire brigade being called out to cut him out of it.  I then googled and found this hilarious and extreamly embarassing article in the Daily Mirror where someone found himself in the same situation, with far more embarassing results.

Thank god it just took lots of lube and they didnt have to go to the lengths that the poor guy in the story went through, the video makes it even more embarassing for the poor guy.


Then I got a call from someone with a cock he calls large, but its the size of a button, last time I saw him he wrapped it in a pink ribbon with a butterfly thong, he even wrote me a note to say it belonged to me, as if i would want a little button cock like that, I will see him again later this month and continue to call him “Sissy Button Cock”.


Lots of lady boss senarios this week, where I play my favorite role of the bitch boss from hell, who delights in humiliating her male members of staff, who always seem to get an erection when I do it, must be nerves.