Apologies to anyone who tried calling me from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon.  My phone had lost signal, and I only found out today when I drove out of the area, and it went mad with lots of missed call alerts.


I have no idea why this happened, when I got home it started to work again, so don’t know if it was a temporary glitch with a mast, or some how driving to another area with another mast did something and switched everything back on.  I had a very very busy week until Thursday, and thought it was odd I didn’t get any calls on Friday, but as I had been so busy it was nice to have the day off.  Saturdays are the quietest day of my working week so it didn’t register with me today that something was wrong, i think I must still be in Holiday mode, as normally I would have called my phone to check all was working.


So sorry again to all those who could not get in contact, this is my other number 07474 945632 which I will be answering for the next few days, just in case this happens again.