Thank goodness I live in a town, snow really is not an issue if you do, all the main roads are clear, I can walk to the town centre in 10 minutes and get to the railway station in another 10.  I dont get it when people dont go out in it, unless their disabled, elderly or live in a cut off rural area, just put a warm coat and scarf/boots on and there is no problem.  Yesterday I got my post on time and couriers arrived with things I had ordered on the internet again on time.

My new leather strap/tawse arrived this week, I bought them in a lighter leather than normal as they mark less and hurt less, for people who come to see me that cant take anything too hard.  I also got a new cane which I am very happy with.  They have already had use this week and went down well.


I thought it was a full moon yesterday, lots of people calling asking how to book me and my working hours, when I have the worlds easiest booking system and availability written out on my website.  My phone has a call history and most of the callers asking how to book me had called me before to ask me this many times.  I think some people dont want a session, but just want to go through the motions of talking about it.  Just to make it clear, my booking info is here, the easiest way to describe it is, “on the day via the phone”.



Well the breast forms have arrived this week, I may have to buy another bra to take them as they are F cups, great for giving my cross-dressers a more feminine figure. Thank you to the person who sent me the Lindt box of chocolates, they were absolutely delicious, I had not tried them before, the box lasted just 2 days!  Also thanks to a regular client of mine for sending me a  postcard from Jamaica telling me how hot and sunny it is there and how much you are enjoying yourself, you have succeeded in making me very jealous.

They are all predicting snow, and they annoying thing is every time I look at the weather forecast, it changes, last night there was virtually no chance, then this morning 80% chance on Sunday, then checking just now, it’s upto 17% on both Sat/Sun and 80% Monday, I like to know about things like this in advance, when a snowflake falls my phone goes dead.




I have bought some new things for sessions this month, due to arrive in the next few days, a new cane, 2 new leather straps for sessions from Quality Control who make the highest quality equipment I have ever used, and this evening will be ordering some silicone breast forms for my crossdressers.

It was a great December, some nice sessions, then some time off, rare for me, I am one of those people who get bored if I am not doing something.  Thanks to all the people who bought me chocolates I still have lots left!  The lingerie sales online were a disaster for me this year, nothing in my size, or a bra in my size and no matching panties, I will have to wait till they all get new stock in so I can buy myself something new   even the new stock was all sold out at all the online stores I looked in, I must be a very popular size.

I have had people calling me asking if I am around this week, and they answer is yes, I am back to normal now and sessioning, so feel free to give me a call.