What a change from this time last month, it’s sunny and warm outside! I would go and sit out in it but I am waiting for a courier, and if I step into the garden for a moment, he will turn up.

I have done a few tranny/sissy makeover sessions this last few days, something that I really enjoy, and people do call me and ask what’s involved.  I do a really quick makeover in just 10 minutes, so that most of our session time is just that, session time and not wasted with putting makeup on.

A light foundation applied with a sponge, followed with a quick dusting of powder, some lovely red lips painted on with a lip brush, pink blushed cheeks from my blusher brush, and a small amount of eye shadow completes the look.  People cant believe how I do it so quickly.  Then I can add a wig, however now it’s getting hotter wigs can be very hot, so that’s optional.

Now this is not what I call photographic makeup, the type you would wear to do photographs or a video, but for a session it’s perfect and importantly easy to get off.  I have special makeup wipes to remove it all with, and if you are looking for recommendations Johnson and Johnson daily essentials in the pink packet are the best to buy, they seem to work better than any others I have tried.

Quite a few people come to me with their own makeup, bigger collections than me in some cases.  I do ask that anyone wanting mascara/false eye lashes bring them with you as they are something that should not be shared, I can clean lip brushes/powder brushes, but you cant do that with a mascara wand, all my other applicators for eye shadow and foundation are disposable.

If you have sessioned with me before, you can also order outfits/undies online and get them delivered to me, if you cant get them delivered to your home.