Answers to common questions

How long have you been doing this? – 6 and a half years, it has gone so quickly I can hardly believe it, I started in December 2006, my website has been up for the same amount of time.

Do you do this full time– Yes, it’s all I do.

What’s your favourite activity? – Well I enjoy everything, but Strap-on has always been a favourite.

Also thanks to everyone who has complimented me on my website 🙂 the text has been the same for years with a few tweeks here and there and is all my own work.  It has has been finely tuned so that most questions are answered, making it easy to see exactly what I do, and what I don’t do, all that effort was worthwhile.  The pictures were last updated about a month and a half ago, and I aim to update pictures once a year.