It’s been a busy few days, lots of sessions and looking forward to May, I cant believe it’s tomorrow, lets hope it’s a nice hot month.

An unbelievable thing happened yesterday which will explain why people who called me could not get through for some of yesterday.  I got a text message to my phone telling me how to cancel diverted calls, which I was a bit puzzled about and thought it was one of the texts I occasionally get from my mobile provider about new services etc., shortly after this my business bank called asking if I had made a large transaction on my account, to which I said no, I then got another call an hour later another large transaction made, again I said it was not me and the transactions were both reversed so I lost no money.

A few hours pass and I realise my phone has been really quiet so I call it, and although I can hear a phone ringing, it’s not mine, the call was connecting to someone else’s phone which was not being answered, so I call my mobile provider and to my horror someone had called them pretending to be me got through security and had diverted all my calls to another mobile.  It turned out that the fraudsters had done this so that when they bank called me back on my mobile to check the transaction was made by me someone pretending to be me would say yes.  My mobile provider have put security measures in so this cant happen again and my phone is back to normal.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, it would seem talking to my banks fraud department that an online merchant I have used has had their data compromised, and this is how they think they got my info. I am one of those people who keeps everything in their head and not written down, does not do social networking sites such as Facebook, does not share pin numbers, burns documents rather than binning them, so if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone.  So watch out for any text messages as I got as apparently this is a growing scam.  I have to add this was nothing to do with me being a Mistress, they were just targeting my account along with many others.

It is a total pain,  and the scammers are getting more sophisticated.  A lot of the things I use in sessions you cant easily buy in a high street shop, especially as I buy in bulk, or they are specialist items. So maybe it’s time for a pre-paid VISA card which I will look into this week.