People are always struck by my height when they come to see me, 5ft9 in bare feet and over 6ft in heels, I love being taller than most of the people who come to see me, towering over them in my 5 inch heels, just makes me look more menacing, I have always had a thing about being tall and dominant, as a teenager I used to love being taller than my teachers! I was a control freak even then.

Another good few days of sessioning.  Some lovely gifts of chocolate which I always love, but have been rationing myself, and now as if it couldn’t get any better, the weather is due to warm up, thank god.   Everyone who comes to see me moans about It as I do, I just need some warmth, my local forecast says 18 on Sunday, not sure if I believe that, just about 12 will do me, I have spent a fortune heating the dungeon so everyone is comfortable with not much on, my heating bill will be sky high