New Equipment

I had a delivery of a pretty white and blue outfit today, custom made, not for me, but to the person who ordered it, it is ready and waiting for you.

I am around for the rest of October as normal, apart from Wednesday 28th when I am having someone coming over to fix something in the house sometime in the morning, so should be free after 12, possibly earlier.


I have just ordered some new equipment, a moderately severe flogger, and 2 new canes, one of them a bit thicker than the ones I normally use, which will arrive soon.  I am very picky about what I buy, it needs to be really well made, but also easy to clean and something I will use a lot.


I have also bought a masturbation toy for someone with a very small cock.  You can buy quite a variety of male sex toys these days, fake pussies, textured strokers etc.  However with this person his peenie is so small it would not get any sensation from a fake pussy, I had to get in the ass model and will get him to fuck that, as it’s much tighter.  These toys obviously cant be shared, so if anyone wants me to buy one in, just let me know before a session, they cost between £10-£15 and you can take it home with you if you like.

Also, apologies to anyone who has not been able to get through to me today.  My new mobile phone has been returned to me for the 2nd time, still not working, this time, I am showing a full signal, but the phone is not receiving the calls, or the person at the other end cant hear me and I cant hear them!  I have set my main number up to divert to my 2nd number if there is a problem, so if you get a message saying call diverting, it is for this reason.  I am now using my old phone again, so problems should now be over, but to say this is frustrating is an understatement.  On my last mobile it took 5 months of sending my old phone back to be fixed before I had a working handset, hopefully this should take less time, only one month of issues so far.













I bought this E-stim butt plug in for an upcoming session, If anyone feels like using one of these in a session, I am happy to buy one in for your exclusive use, they cost £26+£5 delivery.  Electric butt plugs should never be shared as you cannot put a condom on them to keep them clean, and they are not possible to sterilize enough to share, unlike my silicone dildos that can be boiled and cleaned with hospital disinfectant.



The dungeon has had a bit of a makeover, which I hope you will all like, new carpet just went in, and it has that lovely new carpet smell!  I will be putting a few pictures up in my gallery soon.


I am around every weekday this week as usual, on Saturday 9th I am free until 12 midday, then on Sunday 10th available all day.  If you do want a session on that weekend, I would appreciate you booking me as early in the day as possible giving me lots of notice, my phone will be on as usual from 7am.


I will now be around tomorrow afternoon (Saturday), however, I will need to know as early in the day as possible so lots of notice please, my phone will be on from 7am as usual.  My availability for the next 7 days (apart from Saturday morning) is good, all bookings on the day via the phone.





My availability for this week is good, as all of you know all appointments are on the day via the phone, so feel free to call if you want a session.


I have had more problems lately with people arriving late coming from Reading or Bracknell due to roadwork’s causing major delays, if you are using the A3095/Foresters Way, please allow lots of extra time to get to me.

I allow plenty of time in between sessions (at least 30 minutes) but being late can mean your session gets cancelled.  Please check the traffic reports before you leave, you can do this online for free as lots of sites offer free traffic alerts, this way you will know if you can still make it and wont make a long journey only to be told I can no longer see you as your too late.  It does get annoying when I have people announcing they are arriving very late due to unexpected heavy traffic on a Friday in the rush hour doh!  Sometimes it just cant be helped, but checking before you go saves us both a lot of problems.


I have had a few people try and book me with 30 minutes or less notice this week, although I can sometimes do this, to avoid being disappointed, please give me as much notice as you can.

I popped out to Guildford today, for 2 and a bit hours, and that’s exactly when my phone started to ring with last minute appointments, if I had known earlier I could have re-arranged things and been available.  So much for a pleasurable shopping trip though, the weather was horrible and I could not wait to get home, then I tripped up on the way back home on the wet pavement ruining a brand new pair of trousers agghhh, I should have just stayed at home in the dry and warm.

Availability : I am free this coming week and this weekend, Saturday 14th until 6pm, my phone will be on as usual from 7am .


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