I have just ordered some new equipment, a moderately severe flogger, and 2 new canes, one of them a bit thicker than the ones I normally use, which will arrive soon.  I am very picky about what I buy, it needs to be really well made, but also easy to clean and something I will use a lot.


I have also bought a masturbation toy for someone with a very small cock.  You can buy quite a variety of male sex toys these days, fake pussies, textured strokers etc.  However with this person his peenie is so small it would not get any sensation from a fake pussy, I had to get in the ass model and will get him to fuck that, as it’s much tighter.  These toys obviously cant be shared, so if anyone wants me to buy one in, just let me know before a session, they cost between £10-£15 and you can take it home with you if you like.

Also, apologies to anyone who has not been able to get through to me today.  My new mobile phone has been returned to me for the 2nd time, still not working, this time, I am showing a full signal, but the phone is not receiving the calls, or the person at the other end cant hear me and I cant hear them!  I have set my main number up to divert to my 2nd number if there is a problem, so if you get a message saying call diverting, it is for this reason.  I am now using my old phone again, so problems should now be over, but to say this is frustrating is an understatement.  On my last mobile it took 5 months of sending my old phone back to be fixed before I had a working handset, hopefully this should take less time, only one month of issues so far.