I am around the rest of the month as normal. 

Being clear and honest about what you want in a session is important please don’t turn up with last minute requests without checking with me first, there are certain things I don’t do and clearly list this, but it gets awkward when someone turns up with equipment or requests for things I am just not comfortable with doing, things I haven’t even thought of putting on my list of don’ts as I have never been asked to do it before.

I talk all sessions thorough over the phone thoroughly, and am very careful that I know exactly what you want so I am ready for when you get here and can offer the type of session you want, but when I hear “Oh and (insert thing I don’t do here)” it can really ruin the session.

I also get asked for things that I wont do simply as in my opinion they are asking me to buy in and use equipment not suitable to be shared.  However in these cases I am happy for you to bring your own as then they are safe to use.  So the best advice is, with me and any other domme, don’t surprise me at the last minute, let me know in advance and I can say yes or no.