The hardest thing to do as a Mistress is trying to read what someone wants, asking for humiliation or domination can mean so many things to different people, when arranging a session it is always best to be as clear as you can, What does humiliation mean to you, being dressed up in panties and hold-ups, small penis humiliation, being bent over and spanked, are there “no go” areas for you that you dont want the Mistress to use?  Marks from CP sessions are another common one, can you have them or not, is it important you go home totally mark free?  I have had people call wanting a hard caning, only to ask them about marks and tell me they can’t have any, and how terrible another Mistress was by marking them! we are not psychics.  Being honest and clear about what you want and don’t want is so important.  Also if there are specific things you want in a session, always check that the Mistress concerned does all those things when you book, it gets so frustrating when people turn up with a list of things they want which is totally different to what was discussed on the phone and you can’t do half of whats on the list, or are not prepared for it.

This week has gone very well, a nice start to the month, my new leather strap that hardly marks has been used to death until my wrist ached, I stood on someone with 5 inch stiletto heels and felt very cruel doing it, being 5ft9 tall, please feel free to suggest new things in sessions I am always trying to come up with new ideas, the latest being dressed in my suit as the cruel lady boss.