Around this week as normal.¬† I cant believe it’s now October, as it still feels like Summer, it still feels to hot to put on pvc or latex, although looking at the weather forecast that will change this weekend ūüôĀ

It has been an odd month, no one could get hold of me for a while, then when the phone signal improved, my phone rang off the hook, and I couldn’t fit everyone in.¬† Lots of CP with my new toys, as well as the usual strap-on sessions, and electrics with my new more powerful mains powered E-Stim.¬† Then disaster struck a couple of days ago, my wand vibrator started moving around buzzing, then exploded right in front of me, while I was cleaning up after a session, it was not even turned on, just plugged in.¬†¬†¬†A new one will arrive today to replace it, then it got me thinking about my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, I had it for 5 years, the build quality was amazing, but to get another one I would have to order it from the states.¬† All the UK copies last months not years, this will be my 3rd one in¬†a year, nothing seems to be made to a high standard anymore.


Phone Signal

As far as the phone signal goes, I am still having issues, although it is a lot better.¬† Some people have to dial twice before they can get through, or if they do, they cant hear me.¬† If this is the case try my other number 07788 124 326.¬†Unfortunately a lot of the other networks are having problems at the moment in this area, so it’s not worth my while switching to a different provider.