I am around as usual all this week.  Some great sessions this week, lots more CP than normal 🙂

A note on corporal punishment, I have been doing more of this as the years go by, and one rule I don’t break is that I never allow bleeding on my equipment, there have been a few occasions where I have had to retire equipment due to this.  I do a really good warm up with my hand and a paddle that minimises this, but it can still happen if you are into heavy CP.   I have even had arguments over it with people coming to see me who cant understand why I don’t allow it, it really is basic common sense, so anyone wanting that kind of scenario is better off buying their own equipment for their own exclusive use.  All CP equipment even if used only for one brief stroke is cleaned thoroughly with a powerful disinfectant used in hospitals that I buy in huge 5 litre containers, and not household cleaners such as Dettol as I don’t think they are strong enough.  Despite this my rules still stand, if you want to see a mistress that lets you bleed all over her equipment more fool you!

Anyway 🙂 it has been a particularly good month, some great fun teasing people with the E-Stim microphone mode, sissy dressing up, gagging with panties, and taking someone out shopping for large size ladies underwear, obviously for him and not me, lovely getting to the counter to pay, when the assistant realises who the lingerie is really for.  I have seen some lovely satin sissy dressing gowns and slips on a site called aliexpress, its all very cheap and shipped directly from China, I am going to put a small test order in for under £10 and see what it’s like when it arrives.