A lovely week so far, I even got outside for a bit to enjoy the lovely weather.  I bought my Easter egg today, and decided on a Munchies one, yes not my u luxury designer Easter egg, I just fancied something not so rich, then I bought another one to eat before Easter!

I have been asked a few times over the last few months about paying sessions deposits via Paypal, I really cant do this as they don’t allow people who do, what I do to use them,also people can easily reverse the transaction, and I do know several people this has happened to over the years so it’s not for me, sorry.

I have bought another beautiful underwear set by Lise Charmel to arrive next week, a lovely sexy, but classy black set, which I cant wait to arrive, I have bought so much new underwear over the last few months I think that’s all I will need for the year.

Why don’t I post selfies, or lots of pictures on my blog, the answer is I would feel daft doing a selfie, I get lots of pictures done once a year, which show what I look like and don’t feel the need to pout at my mobile phone, I have nothing against people who do, but it is not my thing.  I must admit I did try and do a selfie of me and my cat once, but he hissed and ran off, I ended up with a quarter of my face, and a really pissed off cat, but that was the one and only time I tried, just for fun.