A great week, thanks to the person who gave me the recommendation for the series on Sky, I have watched all the episodes on Skygo already, didn’t think it would be for me, then started watching and I really liked it.  The show I have really enjoyed recently on Netflix is “Better Call Saul”, cant wait now for its 3rd series.


The Male chauvinist pig came over, and really needed an extra severe punishment, hard spanking, electrics, and strap on with a dildo that was too big for him, but he totally deserved it, and will have to be worked up to the 12″ bad boy if he continues in his sexist behaviour.  He bought me a box of chocolates, but that didn’t soften me one bit, although I did really enjoy eating them after he had gone.  I am wondering if he even deserves an orgasm when he next visits, maybe I should ruin it for him, then chat for a while, put him in the shower, and just before he goes on his way make his cock hard again so he drives all the way back frustrated.  He will be reading this and getting hard just thinking about it.


A few people have been asking me if I switch, especially for spanking, the answer is absolutely not, there is nothing wrong with anyone being a switch, but it’s not for me, and even if it was, I mark and bruise so easily that I would permanently covered in marks, which would not be a great look.  It is funny how some people are like me and bruise very badly, and others can be hit very hard with paddles, and heavy straps and hardly have a mark on them the next day.


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