July is now here, the weather is getting hot thank goodness, feel free to use my shower room before and after a session if you are coming a distance or from work, I don’t mind at all, and it means you can leave nice and clean and free of the huge amounts of lube I use in my strap on sessions 🙂


I have just bought yet another harness, this one looks like a nice pair of lacy knickers and has a big hole to fit my strap on, even the largest ones.

More people are ordering in electric butt plugs to use with my E-Stim, you cant cover them with a condom when in use, so for obvious reasons they should never be shared, anyone wanting to buy one to use in a session can get me to order one in, or you are welcome to bring one with you.

I now keep a small stock of the Veriprobe £26.00, which is small enough for most beginners.  http://store.e-stim.co.uk/index.phpmain_page=product_info&cPath=5_7&products_id=8

I have just ordered “The Flange” in for someone (you know who you are!) I just love that name.