My availability this week is as normal.  Last week was great and I even took a day off to recover!, sorry to some of you that called who could not see me, but I had 2 long sessions booked at short notice, which took up a lot of my time.

Weekends are getting busy again, so for those of you that like to see me at weekends, please try and let me know as early as you can in the day, my phone really is on from 7am.

I have also been asked if the pictures on my site are really me, yes they are me, they are realistic pictures taken a month ago, with no photoshop tricks, I like to have new pictures taken once or twice a year, that way you can see exactly what I look like, also I have been doing this since 2006, most girls using fake pictures will have a website or advert that has only been up for a few days or weeks.