I bought a stunning new dress from Ted Baker last week, on Thursday, the day before black Friday, they are a brand known to never ever discount before Christmas, apart from when House Of Fraser sell their line, who discounted it by 20% by the time the courier delivered it! (I bought it online)  A very angry me straight on the phone, only to be told I could go to their nearest store, return it, then buy another in the same store at the discount, which is too much hassle to bother doing.  I will never be buying Ted Baker at full price now, I will just wait for a discount day at HOF, which they have more and more of these days.  These sales really drive me mad, I wish it was like France, where they have 2 sales a year, then you know what everything is really worth.  Anyway enough of my moaning, it is a stunning and elegant black silky dress with a beaded and sequinned neck, which I am happy to session in, perhaps instead of the “Lady Boss” role play I frequently do, maybe “Christmas Office Party Gone Wrong”, resulting in a good spanking/strap on/CBT.

Also, for fans of silky underwear I have a new Lise Charmel, silk dressing gown arriving this month, I am always amazed at how popular silky underwear is as a fetish, it feels lovely and soft against the skin, and so many people come to see me bringing their satin slips, and underwear with them to dress up in.  This is the perfect time of year to stock up if you like wearing ladies underwear, as the Christmas collections are extra glamorous, lots of vibrant red, and if you wait until Christmas Eve, the genuine sales start.


I am also thinking of implementing a tax on people wanting me to do small penis humiliation sessions, which I love doing, The tax will be one of the following, which must be bought with you to the session.

A box of Cadburys chocolate fingers.

A Walnut Whip (resembles a small penis when soft)

A finger of fudge.

These objects will help me to make fun of your little friend,  I will be keeping and eating them afterwards.