I woke up early and did an 8am session this morning, and with his cock and balls attached to my E-Stim 2b, some anal play with my finger, without even touching his cock he came.  I love it when that happens but it is so rare and great to watch.

Someone called me concerned that I had ordered a thicker heavier leather paddle and was worried I had him in mind when I ordered it, he was indeed correct, and I hope it arrives in time to christen it on his deserving ass.


Now busy ordering a few new things, new memory foam pillows for the dungeon, a new lamp has arrived and a new matching light fitting on the way, then choosing a new colour for the walls, something a bit warmer than the white I currently have. but nothing gaudy don’t worry.  I thought of wallpaper on one wall, but it would get scuffed within the week, and that would get on my nerves, so Dulux endurance paint it is.  The amount I have ordered online in the last few days is incredible.