Yes, my yearly latex and pvc ban starts today, funny about when the weather gets hot, out come all the people who want me clad head to toe in latex or pvc, seriously as soon as the temperature is about 25 or more I am inundated, I am meant to be abusing and torturing people, not the other way around.  These people then get puzzled as to why I say no!  I have already turned one person away due to this this week, so I am putting it up here for everyone to see.   Please do not call me thinking you can persuade me otherwise, it wont work.


I have bought a turbo powered fan to cool things down if I need it, someone bought one with them last year for a session to keep call while I spanked him, and that seemed to work.


Also, as my blog says I am around over the bank holiday weekend, if you want to see me, please call me as early as you can on the day, so I can plan my day out.