After a very busy month I have decided to take a few days off, from Thursday 26th of September until Monday 30th.  I am back and working again from October 1st and my phone will be on from 7am.  Apologies this blog went up late, but I had set it to publish in advance and did not set it up to do it properly (opps).  People do comment to me that I rarely seem to take time off, which is true, probably in a normal year I take off 2 weeks, one in the summer and a few days over Christmas, and maybe a long weekend somewhere.  Having been self employed my whole adult life, I cant imagine what it is like to get 4 weeks a year holiday when you work for a firm, so I am used to it.

Anyway I will be back and ready on the 1st of October 🙂 refreshed and ready to punish as usual.