When I first started out I didn’t have much corporal punishment equipment, now I have and it is quite a collection.  I really enjoy giving people a good thrashing if they can take it.

Straps, tawses, paddles, floggers, crops, and of course to start off with a good old fashioned hand spanking to warm the bum up.  I like to start with the hand then gradually work my way up in severity of equipment, always accurate never above the bum around the hips, or on the legs,  and in the pre warmed up “red zone” as i call it.  It makes me smile when I can see my finger marks in red on my victims behind.  Some people yelp in pain, but many are bent over on my punishment bench really enjoying it as if I am giving them a relaxing massage!

Of course many people who come to me totally deserve their punishment, and need it hard, to teach them a lesson, and so that they can look in the mirror the next day and admire the marks, a nice reminder of me 🙂


Top marks to Ben who remembered the Walnut Whips (small penis tax) that I requested this week, he got me not one, but a pack of 3.  Hang your head in shame all those who failed this month, apparently ASDA and M&S still do them, but bring me a coffee flavoured one at your peril, I cant even stand the smell of coffee, strange I know.  I must be one of the only people in the world that has never drunk coffee.