It has been a great month so far, and on Wednesday this week I got to sit out on a lounger in the garden, enjoying the sun.  When you are as fair and blue eyed as me, factor 50 sun cream is a must, however I had not got any, so I covered myself in a light cotton wrap, unfortunately it didn’t cover all of me and I have a silly little square of burn around my ankles.  Oh well, I still enjoyed myself.  Lots of great sessions, especially anal ones, my inflatable dildos have become more popular, I love pumping them up, making them bigger and bigger every time I use the pump, with my victim feeling their ass expanding taking more than they ever thought they could.


I have new lingerie arriving on Monday, a beautiful silk dressing gown and matching bra and panties from Lise Charmel “Apprivoise Moi”   I loved the look of this set as it is quite revealing in a classy way, so perfect for my teasing sessions, as well as lovers of silk. I have a lingerie addiction, and love wearing beautiful underwear to session in, the way some people have a latex fetish,  it’s so much cooler than latex or pvc and makes me feel fantastic when I wear it.


Slight Change In Weekend Availability

This weekend I am around most of the daytime on Saturday, although earlier is easier for me as I need to go out at some point, and on Sunday, I am free from 9am-12, and then after 6pm.  Please don’t try and call to book me between 12-6  on Sunday as I wont be able to answer the phone, If you want to arrange a time call early, my phone will be on early from 7am as usual.


Evening Appointments

I am currently having more requests for evening appointments, to the point where I am turning people away who are used to calling at short notice and always getting the time they want as in the past evenings were pretty quiet.  Please try and call early to book me, this is why my phone is on from 7am, so you can call before work.