I have been having a great time over the last few days, the Male Chauvenist Pig turned up again, and thinks that all female members of staff who work for him should wear no knickers to work, he had a well deserved thrashing, fucking and ruinied orgasm, all well deserved, then thinking of him I ordered a few pairs of these, crotchless, assless panties, with very easy access for me, but I bought a few pairs so plenty to go around .  Lots of spanking sessions so far this month for some reason, maybe it’s the weather.



With the hot weather I have an extreamly powerfull but silent fan, which keeps the room really cool, it is amazing and the best thing i have bought from Costco in ages.  I can also put towels down on the leather to make everything more comfortable, as well as the use of a nice cool shower (or hot) afterwards.


More people asking for Leather/PVC and Latex, in this weather, really!.  If anyone else asks me, once you arrive you will be treated to Max Bygraves singing “Deck Of Cards” on loop at top volume for an hour, whilst wrapped in black pallet wrap in my dungeon, you will leave traumatized and probably a stone lighter from sweating so much.  You have been warned.