I am around most of this bank holiday weekend  I will be going out at some point in the afternoon on Sunday, so available around until about midday, if anyone wants to arrange an appointment, please call early in the day, and not at the last minute as I can then plan my time out easier.


I was caught out in the torrential rain the other day which was awful.  I had an appointment that I had to go to by train, I got soaked walking to the station, then got splashed by a car when I got out of the station at the other end and soaked again with the wind blowing straight at me going through my long raincoat which was not as waterproof as I thought it was, every step I took I made a squelching sound as my shoes were full of water.  I got to my destination leaving a puddle on the floor, soaking the chair I sat in, and then to top it off found out that the subway of the station I was using to get back home had flooded and I needed waders to get through the knee deep water!  not a nice day, and I couldn’t wait to get home, by which time the sun was out and it was warm which was the only thing that cheered me up, lets hope this weekend will be better.


Roadworks Reminder

From the M3 from the M25 to Junction 4a in both directions there are road works  I am warning people who book me to leave extra time to get to me, but most don’t realise exactly how bad it gets and still arrive late.  Please check the traffic reports before you leave and plan to allow extra time if you book at busy times of day such as the rush hour and the bank holiday weekend.  I had to cancel sessions on two people who were running very late due to traffic this week, so please check before you leave, as you might have a wasted trip.