I am around as normal this weekend, and will be around next week every day.


How not to book a session.

Last night my geriatric cat woke me up wanting food, at midnight, which shows how under the paw I am.  I had switched my phone onto silent at 10pm as normal, as I don’t answer the phone after that and it’s the time I go to bed, as I like to wake up early.  I checked the time on my phone to find 4 missed calls, one at 11pm, 3 at a few minutes before midnight.  I sometimes wonder what goes through the head of someone who does that, it is not unusual to get missed calls all through the night 2am/3am etc. I don’t see people for sessions that call at this time as it shows a lack of respect, lack of reading my website (which says I answer the phone until 10pm), and usually that they are just plain weird, or best case scenario drunk.