Being A Maid

I do have some lovely maids outfits to wear so feel free to ask if you want to wear them, but some people will see that I took the maid training session option off of my site.  Unfortunately I had some very clumsy maids damage furniture and walls, and chip an expensive sink, costing me quite a bit of money.  I am still able to offer maid outfits, and light work around the house, like dusting, but nothing involving a hoover, or anything ceramic.  Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, but too many sissy maids are clumsy, and I have to punish them for their total lack of cleaning skills.  So I will be out this week to find pink feather dusters for them to clean with as well as large pink rubber gloves, you cant damage anything with feathers!  It is amazing how different my girls look dressed up in pink and black satin, entering the house looking masculine, and then looking like the sugar plum fairy.