I ordered a new pair of PVC boots today, https://www.alternative-footwear.co.uk/dagger-3000-black-patent-extreme-metal-heel-thigh-high-boot.html

They have a 6 1/4 inch metal heel, I cant wait to get them, although I will have to practice walking in them.

I will be popping out if I get the time, and will go into an actual shop this week, I rarely shop in bricks and mortar shops, preferring to get everything online these days, so much more convenient, and at least they have the stock, I get a bit fed up of going into a shop, only to find they have not got what I want, and then get told to order it off their website instead.  I need to buy a pair of shiny red panties for someone who came out as a cross dresser to me, I never would have thought it of him, until he confessed to me yesterday that he really loved it.  I really want to find something very sexy and silky and I promised him I would go out and do it, so I will, hopefully this week, what there is left of it.



It’s that time of year again where I stop wearing Latex/PVC, I cant wear it in hot weather, although I can make an exception for boots/gloves obviously, but anything like tops/dresses or skirts make me too hot and uncomfortable, and if I feel horrible I cant do a good session.  I have a thermometer in the dungeon, and once it gets above 24 I get too hot wearing it.  However 99% of people are happy with my wearing my lovely lingerie which Is so cool in the heat, I’m not someone who likes to cover up in session.