Sadly today I read that France has criminalized the clients of sex workers, more info here  despite the fact that organizations like Amnesty International recommend decriminalization

The vast majority of sex workers are not forced into it here in England as all of you visiting ladies in the industry will know, they are people like me in the most part, law-abiding tax paying people.  I am all for prosecuting people who pimp out sex workers, or traffic them into the UK and forcing them into it, but I just want to be left alone to do what I do and enjoy, pay tax on it, and work legally without fear, which is what I am currently doing.  I am not a victim that needs help to leave the business, lets face it, plenty of people out there are in “regular respectable” jobs/careers they hate, which lead them to breakdowns and being signed off work with stress and on antidepressants.  Unable to re-train due to costs/time available to go on a course/needing to earn a certain amount to cover their bills, so trapped.  There are stresses in every job, good and bad points, unfortunately.  It’s just so frustrating to me when people look at 100% of sex workers as victims.