SWS_8824A busy week.  I played the lady boss again, I am demanding, always on your back to make sure you make your sales targets, and if you don’t meet them, you will be called into a disciplinary meeting and face the sack, the cane on your bare bum, or the strap-on, your choice.  I would love to do that one day in a real office.

Wednesday was all spanking, over the knee, paddling and strapping with no marks first thing, then 2 sessions later in the day where I could really go for it, with everything I had, funnily enough my Fitbit HR counts every wack as a step so it now says I have done 16,435 steps!  They are amazing gadgets, even monitoring the heart rate so you can make sure you are working out properly, or spanking properly.

Yesterday a very memorable and enjoyable strap on session, which makes me glad I keep up with my weight training, it was very athletic, I love it when someone is really into it.

Lise Charmel has bought a beautiful new lingerie set out, Exotic Indie, black and gold, cant wait until it arrives to satisfy my underwear fetish.


Next week availability 16th Nov-22nd Nov

Monday: Available as normal

Tuesday: Free from 9-10 then available after 2pm

Wednesday to Friday: Free all day as normal


Saturday free until 12pm

Sunday, free until 12pm then free from 5pm

I cannot answer the phone at the weekend at the times I am not available.

If you have seen me before I can take advance bookings for the weekend without a deposit, if you call on Friday.