I am always amazed at how much pain some people can take.  I did a spanking session earlier today nice and early at 8am, where I used just about ever piece of equipment that I own upto the really heavy 3 tailed tawse, and all my canes, as well as the ones my victim bought with him.  I love to get the marks in a small area, a red circle on each bum cheek, nice and accurate, making it easy to hide.  We ended up taking a break, and then doing more, his ass was like leather by the end of it.  He left telling me how relaxing it all was, I then spent the next few hours resting my spanking arm.


i had a rare afternoon out in London as I had an appointment, and was driven so no trains thankfully.  I used to go alot more than I do now, but the outrageous cost of a travelcard really puts me off, where ever I have been in Europe it is much cheaper than here by a huge amount so with the advent of internet shopping, when I can go online and get everything delivered these days going to actual shops is a rarity, £5 delivery is nothing when you compare it to a train fare just a couple of stops up the line, no wonder the high street has so many empty shops .  The weather was perfect not too hot or cold, so it was nice to walk around for a while.


Also just to remind people that due to the work being done at Waterloo, please do not try and visit me by train, even if you are prepared to pay a deposit.  There are just too many last minute delays, which I myself have been caught out on.  I have had people complain that they are not coming from London so dont understand the problem, it affects all trains on that line, so even a short local journey can be delayed.


I have also felt cruel this week, 2 people wanted to be sent away without an orgasm, which made me smile, seeing them leave very frustrated, and probably having to stop at a services on the way home to sort them selves out, so far, a good week 🙂