This week.


Well I came down with the cold everyone seems to have got, then felt much better yesterday, and then woke up with no voice this morning! it is coming and going, hopefully back by tomorrow, I have even gargled with salt water to try and help it, so I sound much worse than I actually am, that’s the problem with me, after I have a cold, I loose my voice, I feel fine, I just sound husky.


A lovely mid afternoon session today with the Male Chauvinist Pig, who was put in pink heart stretchy panties, ass fucked with a big dildo, electrocuted on his genitalia, as well as his electric butt plug used on him.  Not to mention the spanking with my leather implements on his ass, which is tough and luckily does not mark easily, well lucky for me anyway because I get to give him a hard leather strapping.  The final insult was, putting him in a red silicone cock ring, with pink satin panties, with white lace, with a hole in the back to put the strap on dildo through, compressing his poor cock that had not come in 2 whole days.  That will teach him for talking like Donald Trump!  I felt totally energized afterwards, I was grinning as I did most of it.


Someone made their way to my area for a session today, when they had not booked me, they just said they would call me later at some point to arrange as they had a meeting with no definite end time, so imagine how annoyed I was when I put my phone back on to hear that he was on his way.  I was unable to look at my phone as I was busy in a session and my phone was on silent, so didn’t find out until he made the trip.  I only have about 1 of these a year but it always amazes me that someone would do that with no actual appointment.


Finally a big thank you to M, who gave me a lovely card yesterday, it is really appreciated, my birthday is next month, but a month early is no problem.  Actually your timing was perfect and it really cheered me up, and I loved the cat on the front of it.  Sadly my dream of spending more time in Spain is off for now, but hopefully 10 years from now it will become more of a reality.  Every time I plan on going away, my cat seems to get seriously ill,  I think he must time it to trap me at home.